A Brighton tradition for more than two decades, Burning the Clocks is a unique community event that brings together the whole seaside city to mark the shortest day, the Winter Solstice. Created in 1994 by the award-winning community arts charity Same Sky, as a way to celebrate the holiday spirit regardless of people’s religious beliefs, over 20,000 spectators now turn out to watch the 2,000-strong parade and take part in this unique tradition, which is essentially a peaceful yet dramatic rebellion against the modern-day excesses of Christmas-time commercialism. Local people make their own beautiful paper and willow star lanterns, and after the procession that slowly snakes through the city, they put them into a blazing bonfire on Brighton beach to mark the end of the year. GBP100 will buy you a pair of VIP wrist bands, giving you the very best view of the fireshow and fireworks, right on the beach front.