The high point of the season for all Bahamians, is when Nassau’s main artery, Bay Street, is transformed into a sea of sight and sound that delights, amazes and entertains all who experience Junkanoo. Tracing its roots to the music and dance spectacles of West Africa, Junkanoo is one of the oldest surviving street festivals in the Caribbean, dating back to the 17th century. Legend has it that slaves of old decorated themselves using whatever scrap materials were available, the easiest to lay their hands on being paper and feathers which were sewn onto their clothes, whilst flour paste was used to paint their faces. Nowadays Junkanoo is a wonderful celebration of life and freedom and the major cultural festival of the Bahamas. But you’ll need stamina to be part of Junkanoo, because each year it is celebrated in the early hours of the morning on Boxing Day, 26 December, whilst the main event is on New Year’s Day!