Flying can be stressful for even the most seasoned traveller. Whether you’re embarking on a transatlantic journey, or heading off on a quick business trip to a city just a few hours away, a negative in-flight experience can set the tone for the whole trip. We suggest equipping yourself with a range of in-flight essentials to make the journey as enjoyable and relaxing as it can be, and ensure that you arrive feeling and looking your best. From The Cultured Traveller’s favourite in-flight beauty products, to some cute add-ins we’ve found make flying a touch more fun (especially if you’re not up front!), here’s our round up of what to have on hand when flying at 30,000 feet.

Aēsop Hand Sanitiser

Unfortunately, planes are usually cesspools of germs, even in business class, because airlines don’t have the time to wipe down everything each passenger touches. So, a good hand sanitiser is an inflight essential these days – just make sure yours is less than 3.4oz/100 ml. This alcohol-based hand wash, by cool Australian brand Aēsop, contains mandarin rind and rosemary leaf, and kills bacteria without water, leaving hands clean, fresh and non-sticky.
AUD 10 for 50ml

Carry-on Cocktail Kit

If you aren’t privy to first class premium spirit and mixology options, these funky kits are the result of a unique collaboration between W&P Design and award-winning online drinks magazine PUNCH, and an easy and fun way to turn a standard in-flight beverage service into some expertly prepared custom cocktails. Whether you’re in the mood for a good Bloody Mary, a proper Old Fashioned or the perfect G&T, one of these kits includes everything you’ll need to mix up two delicious drinks at 30,000 feet.
USD 24

Cuyana Alpaca Sleep Set

Think about what you might need for a restful night’s sleep or even a power nap. Investing in a good eye mask and comforting blanket will pay off on long legs, and make short work flights feel a little closer to travelling in first. Instead of opting for something plush, the wise cultured traveller picks a fabric that’s luxe yet light. Made in Peru and crafted from beautifully soft baby alpaca, this divine sleep set was purpose designed for long-haul flights.
USD 195

Cygnett Phone Charger

We all love our iPhones but rarely leave home without a decent charger these days. Featuring the latest Lithium Polymer battery technology, this Cygnett portable 10,000mAh “ChargeUp Rapid 10K” is lightweight (253g), has two USB slots so I can share the juice with a travel buddy, and can fully charge an iPhone five times. A must for any frequent traveller.
USD 59.99

Gillhams Anti-stress Drink

Not everyone is a seasoned traveller or finds flying a pleasure. For those of us who need a little calming pre-flight or want to relax on-board, this 100% natural, vegan and organic magnesium and calcium-based calming remedy helps your muscles and nerves function properly, keeps your heart rhythm steady, regulates blood sugar levels and promotes normal blood pressure. Take a couple of sachets with you on every flight and ditch the Xanax!
GBP 9.82 for 30 sachets

Ila Radiance Aroma Roller

Ila’s aroma rollers are designed to provide a lighter in-flight alternative to traditional perfumes, as well as restorative and therapeutic effects. Glowing Radiance is made from an infusion of essential oils – including rose otto, sourced from roses picked in the foothills of the Himalayas – that provide an uplifting fragrance and help restore balance. The portable roll-on stick applicator is both compact and ideal for a swift, no-spill application, and provides a burst of energy wherever you may be.
GBP 29

Incase Laptop Power Sleeve

Whilst laptop designers have been obsessed with creating slimmer, lighter laptops, it’s generally been at the expense of battery power. A flat battery during a work session on a long flight is a business traveller’s worst nightmare, especially when the in-seat power sockets don’t work. This cool IconConnected “power sleeve” houses a 14,000mAh battery within its protective walls, which is enough to fully charge a MacBook Pro twice. There’s also space inside to store a USB-C cable for recharging. Available in 13″ and 15″ sizes, it will go on sale later this year.
USD 199.95

Korres Wild Rose Moisturiser

Planes dry you out big time, so a quality, easy-to-apply moisturiser is essential during a flight to both feed your skin and counteract the drying effect of a pressurised cabin. This 24-hour product by celebrated Greek brand Korres is good value cream for a mid-range product and is formulated with a range of ingredients that moisturise and brighten the complexion, including wild rose oil – a natural source of vitamin C – which helps repair the look of fine lines and skin discolourations.
EUR 29.80

Odoyo Waterproof Earphones

Essential to keep out the noise of screaming babies in-flight, even if you don’t listen to music, these versatile and very reasonably-priced earphones are waterproof, sweatproof, dustproof, freezeproof and shockproof. Most importantly the fully active ambient noise-cancelling feature blocks out the sounds of unwanted noises on a flight. These also have a built-in remote and microphone for phone usage on terra firma.
USD 35.99 Model EP900iAW

Pillowpacker Inflatable Travel Pillow

Sleep is a crucial way to kill time on a long-haul flight, and a comfortable pillow is an essential sleep aid. We put extra emphasis on the word “comfortable” here, because most airline-provided pillows just don’t cut it! This luxury travel pillow by Canadian brand Pillowpacker, is made from Brome Lake goose (the finest duck down in the world) and duck down, and the 100% cotton exterior has a 260-thread count, making it the perfect blend of luxury and comfort.
CAD 175.00

Sk-ii Facial Treatment Mask

A long flight is the perfect opportunity to watch a good movie, and combat the dehydration your skin is undergoing in-flight. Get down with your favourite fashion and beauty influencer and spend 15 minutes with a sheet mask on; they pack easily and require no rinse-off. SK-II’s award-winning facial treatment mask is packed with a concentration of Pitera, delivers exceptional moisture in a single use and softens the surface of the skin, resulting in a visibly more radiant, firm and youthful-looking complexion.
USD 17

Thisworks In-transit Moisture Spray

Right before you land, and many times during the flight, be sure to give your face a spritz with a rejuvenating, hydrating mist. This will not only refresh your skin and give you a boost after a long journey, but you’ll look far more fresh upon arrival. ThisWorks’ in-transit moisture spray provides extreme hydration and includes a natural blend of repairing plant oils to restore balance, and organic Aloe Vera water to relieve irritated skin.
USD 33.00