The historic Spanish city of Girona – located in the country’s northeastern Catalonia region, beside the River Onyar – is best known for its medieval architecture, walled Old Quarter and the Roman remains of the Força Vella fortress. But for ten days every year, Girona’s buildings, courtyards, monuments, patios and gardens are adorned with more than one hundred spectacular floral displays and arrangements, staged alongside a programme of traditional Spanish events and culinary happenings. Whole streets become art installations, accompanied by music, light, fountains and the intoxicating scent of thousands of flowers. Girona’s Town Hall always comes up with a well-constructed and somewhat dignified display, that befits its status and its central location on the Plaça del Vi, the city’s bustling square enclosed by arcades. Throughout Girona during the festival, the wonderful ensembles of striking colours and penetrating aromas that accompany the cultural heritage of this beautiful Catalan city, make this part of Europe a must visit Spring destination.