NewsFlash - LAS FALLAS


This noisy, exuberant celebration, which involves masses of fireworks and the burning of giant puppets, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from Spain and around the world to Valencia. Held in honour of St. Joseph’s Day on 19th March, Las Fallas is believed to have originated in a pagan celebration of the spring equinox, and is recorded as first being held from the late 15th century. Each neighbourhood in Valencia funds the construction of its own ‘falla’ – the wood and papier-mâché sculptures at the heart of the fiesta – which can reach up to 15 metres high and usually poke fun at local and international politicians and celebrities, so expect a multitude of Donald Trumps this year! The fallas are placed at key points around the city so visitors can wander about and check them out, before they are burned in a ceremonial explosion accompanied by a giant midnight firework display on the final day.