Every year, the picturesque River Rhine in Germany essentially goes up in flames. But there’s nothing to worry about, since the flames are caused by dramatic and elaborate firework shows, in five locations along the Rhein, that illuminate the river during this multi-faceted event. The result is nothing short of spectacular. Rhein In Flammen kicks-off with the Bonn extravaganza on the first Saturday of May. Held at Rheinauen Park, thousands of red fluorescent Bengal fires light the way downstream, for a fleet of more than 70 decorated and illuminated ships along a 26km stretch – the longest stretch of any Rhine in Flames spectacle. There are plenty of places to watch the fireworks along Bonn’s promenade, while many board ships to see the displays from the water and feel more immersed in the incredible pageant. Meanwhile, on the river’s banks, wine festivals attract thousands of visitors and keep them merry late into the night.