Rest Your Head - TREEHOTEL

Rest Your Head

Inspired by Jonas Selberg Augustsen’s film ‘The Tree Lover’ (a tale of three urbanites that build a treehouse together in the forest), it all started in 2010 with Britta and Kent Lindvall’s dream to turn a 1930s retirement home into a guesthouse in their home village of Harads, about 70 minutes from Luleå airport in the north of Sweden. The end result is far from an ordinary B&B, and although there are eight guest rooms in Britta’s Pensionat, it is the Treehotel that people travel from all corners of the globe to experience.

Seven Scandinavian architects have now built treehouses for Treehotel, including a bird’s nest, a UFO, a mirrored cube and the most recent addition unveiled earlier this year, ‘The 7th Room’ designed by Norwegian architects Snøhetta. There is also ‘The Blue Cone’ with a double bed and two singles, approached by a ramp way; the rectangular shaped ‘Cabin’, a favourite with honeymooners, boasting mesmerising views into the surrounding forest; and ‘The Dragonfly’ comprises two separate bedrooms with two double beds of four singles. Whilst the characteristics of each of the seven tree houses differ tremendously according to each’s particular design, all are minimalist with eco-loos and basins, and simple pine walls and floors. ‘The 7th Room’ is the only tree house which has a shower (showers are available in two sauna houses) and is the largest and highest house, with a capacity to sleep five. All hang in a pine forest, far above the ground in deepest Swedish Lapland, and the silence within the tree houses is palpable.

There is a small clearing above each tree house from which the Northern lights can be seen on a clear night. Reindeers with their Sámi herders and the Arctic Circle are easy day trips, and Treehotel is well placed for fishing, in summer or winter, in the wide Lule River just a few minutes away. Classic Swedish massages are available. There’s a zip-line onsite, and other activities include moose safaris, ice-fishing and dog-sledding – plenty to occupy even the most energetic of Lapland adventurers!