NewsFlash - INTI RAYMI


Peru is famed for its spectacular festivals featuring traditional brightly-coloured clothing, dancing and foods, and Inti Raymi is no exception. In Quechua Inti means Sun and Raymi celebration. The ancient Inca so feared the diminished effects of the sun during winter, that they would fast, create lavish banquets to honour the sun and sacrifice llamas to ensure a bountiful crop. This important annual recreation brings multitudes of visitors to Cusco for a nine-day winter solstice celebration worshiping the Incan god, Inti, in the Fortress of Sacsayhuaman. The ceremony marks the beginning of a new year, and sprawling food spreads, festive music, historical recreations and much dancing praise the Inca, celebrate traditions and will for a fruitful season of harvest. Rituals are accompanied by dances and sounds of shells and musical instruments. The festivities culminate in an epic, day-long event on June 24th, in a royal procession to the ancient fortress, watched by thousands.