1 September 2018
The Flag of Scotland

Attended by HRH Princess Anne and the Duke of Fife, these old military exercises remain the same as they have for hundreds of years yet have grown into a worldwide exhibition, where everything from traditional tug-of-wars and caber-tossing to dance competitions and solo bagpipes performances are used to determine the skill, prowess and endurance of those competing. Often divided into categories of heavyweight competition, dance and music, the burly strongman esque events have evolved into something of a Scottish rite of passage. The caber toss is considered by many to be Scotland’s signature event and sees logs more than a dozen feet long carried by hulking men and women. Other more inventive ways of pitting man against man include the Maide Leisg, when two men sit on the ground with the soles of their feet pressed against each other and, holding a stick between their hands, pull back and forth until one of them raises off the ground.
1 September 2018