1 September 2018
The Flag of Netherlands

The Netherlands’ capital is known for its artistic heritage, colourful culture and outrageous parties, all of which are brought to life every September at Valtifest, the wild child of Amsterdam’s summer festival programme, staged in the NDSM Wharf. A former shipyard located on the banks of the River IJ in the north of Amsterdam, in recent years the NDSM Wharf has blossomed into an enormous cultural hotspot, atmospheric arts and festival location. Boasting a heavyweight line-up of DJs playing dance, electro and thumping house as well as dubstep, hip-hop and punk, Valtifest caters to all tastes, and besides the main DJs you’ll find sideshows and performance artists allowing you to take time out from the dancing and check out the general bizarreness. The music at Valtifest is as eclectic as the dress code, and whilst the organisers specify that festival goers should wear “Grotesque Carnavalesque” costume, anything really goes on the day!
1 September 2018