1 December 2018

Described in Austrian folklore as a horned, anthropomorphic half-goat half-demon, who haunts the central European mountainous region that supposedly birthed the creature, Krampus comes alive during an annual festival which spreads some good old-fashioned pre-Christmas terror! Nowhere does this devil rampage more frighteningly than the town of Klagenfurt, the capital city of the southern Austrian province of Carinthia, on the eastern shore of Lake W├Ârthersee. Here the biggest and most rowdy Krampusnacht unfolds every year, brimming with ghastly demons, quite literally everywhere. The highlight of Krampusnacht is essentially an alcohol-fuelled Krampuslauf race, which winds through the pedestrian-friendly city centre, with a thousand alpine-jogging contestants dressed as scary, child-kidnapping, horned and furry devils. So terrifyingly demonic are Krampus costumes, that a constant debate rages throughout the country, involving a number of eminent psychologists and reputable schools, all of whom want the creature completely banned from society because it is so scary to kids!