NewsFlash - THE 91ST OSCARS


24 February 2019

Broadcast live on ABC and beamed around the planet from the evocatively-named Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on “Oscar Sunday” 24th February 2019, Hollywood’s night of nights is a prime opportunity for some serious star gazing as well as some serious gossiping! From the moment nominations are announced (on 22nd January 2019) through to the glitzy ceremony itself, the fortunes of nominees often swing up, down and sideways, depending on everything from box-office numbers to shifting cultural and political winds. By the time the nominees and celebrities strut and pose on the red carpet for the 91st Academy Awards, those in the know will have already set themselves up in comfort and style at the Beverly Wilshire hotel in the heart of Beverly Hills, or The Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel, both favoured haunts of the Hollywood elite for decades. Will you be staying up late to watch the acting world’s biggest night of the year?!