Rest Your Head - BAWAH RESERVE

Rest Your Head

Located 150 nautical miles northeast of Singapore, in Indonesia’s remote Anambas Archipelago, Bawah Reserve is a cluster of six private and pristine paradise islands enveloped by lush tropical greenery and turquoise waters.
Surrounded by azure blue lagoons and coral reefs, the pristine and previously uninhabited marine conservation area in which the exclusive resort sits, is now home to 35 lavish eco-villas which cater to discerning guests with a penchant for outdoor adventures, seasoned travellers with an appetite for indulgence and paradise seekers looking for relaxation.
Visitors to Bawah Reserve arrive via Singapore, travelling north on a one-hour ferry ride to the island of Batam, before hopping on the resort’s private seaplane for a 1hr 15min flight across the South China Sea.
Designed by Singaporean architect Sim Boon Yang to refreshingly feel neither slick like the Seychelles nor manicured like the Maldives, each villa has been lovingly hand-built using bamboo, recycled teak, santigi wood and driftwood, and is either hidden among the islands’ jungle foliage, strung along a white-sand beach or set on stilts over-the-water. Roofs are thatched with extra-large palm leaves from a neighbouring island, and tables and chairs are fashioned from flotsam. The result is a resort that feels earthy and organic yet cool, decadent and cosy. Muslin-draped beds and huge copper baths further accentuate the overall smart/castaway feel of the place, while huge daybeds on the verandas of the overwater villas positively encourage relaxation.
Spa treatments are included in the nightly rate and are dispensed in a series of thatched domes situated on a hillside close-by.
Bawah Reserve is the ideal place to quietly chillax on a daybed with a fat tome; unwind with a long massage in the hands of an expert therapist; sip a hand-crafted dragon-fruit cocktail in the bar, or loll on the sand with a book from the library. Essentially, Bawah Reserve is perfect for disconnecting and switching off from the outside world.