Rest Your Head - THE LINE DC

Rest Your Head

Housed within Washington’s former 110-year-old First Christ of Scientist neoclassical church – perched on the corner of Euclid Street and Columbia Road, in the diverse and constantly-buzzing Adams Morgan neighbourhood – the first spinoff of LA’s hip Koreatown hotel is truly like no other hotel in routinely stiff D.C.
For starters, the dramatic entrance is nigh on monumental. Just watching people weave their way up and down the front steps, and through the towering columns, is an attraction in itself. Once inside, 20-metre vaulted ceilings criss-cross a spectacular lobby, above which the church organ’s pipes have been reimagined as a striking chandelier which hangs in the center. Lobby seating has been fashioned from repurposed mahogany church pews adorned in midnight blue velvet, lifting them way beyond their original use. Staff are stylish, laid back, polite and knowledgeable with a hint of hipster. The hotel’s soundtrack is live, non-profit, culinary-driven internet radio station and podcast network Full Service Radio, created by Heritage Radio alumni Jack Inslee, which broadcasts from the lobby and a rooftop terrace. Salvaged pages of old hymn books have even been re-used to create art pieces.
Like its sister hotel in Los Angeles, The LINE DC artistically perpetuates a stylish aesthetic that pays homage to both its structure and the surrounding neighbourhood, creating a supremely social, community-like vibe which is unlike any other Washington hotel.
A selection of drinking and dining options, helmed by local talent, further bed the hotel and its F&B venues into Adams Morgan, including modern lobby café The Cup We All Race 4 which serves Counter Culture Coffee and delicious, no-nonsense food, courtesy of celebrated chefs Spike Gjerde and Erik Bruner-Yang.
Unlike the hotel’s restaurants, bars and public spaces, which positively encourage meeting and mingling, the vibe of the 220 guest rooms and suites upstairs have been thoughtfully designed to promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Featuring brass bed frames, curated local artwork and mini libraries sourced from nearby Idle Times Books, makes staying at The LINE DC like being in a cozy home away home, and as check-out time approaches, leaving is likely to be the last thing you’ll want to do.