The grandfather of modern-day festival gatherings, Glastonbury launched in 1970 and is now more of a settlement than a music fest. Twice the size of Bath and more akin to five or six festivals rolled into one, Glastonbury’s more like a refugee camp for society’s arty and most liberal than anything you’ll see elsewhere during Blighty’s packed summer season. Such breadth offers something for pretty much everyone, attracting a vast and diverse selection of people of around 150,000, ranging from middle-aged backpackers with portable deckchairs, boozy jocks stripping-off at the first sight of sunshine, spiritualists and yoga teachers, dedicated hippies, yuppies, hipsters and fashionistas. Since Glastonbury is essentially a music festival above all else, unsurprisingly there’s an awful lot of musical talent to check out. This year’s line-up is headlined by none other than Janet Jackson, Kylie, Stormzy and The Cure, plus many more acts to be announced across the festival’s one hundred stages.