Rest Your Head - HABITAS

Rest Your Head

Tulum’s spectacular coastline, 1,000-year old ruins, new age vibe, cobalt waters and idyllic beaches have made this trendy yoga town 90 minutes south of Cancun one of Mexico’s hottest travel destinations.
Formerly a sleepy beach resort, even non sun worshippers find it hard to resist Tulum’s white sand beaches, balmy breezes and swaying palms. Coupled with a smattering of world-class nightlife including beach parties, happening bars and jumping jungle-shrouded restaurants, it’s not hard to see why Tulum has become a perennial favourite amongst upwardly mobile millennials especially.
Built in collaboration with local carpenters and artisans, sustainability is key at environmentally-aware Habitas, a boutique lifestyle hotel with a hippie-chic vibe, cocooned in Tulum’s beachfront jungle. Offering everything and more to satisfy savvy millennial travellers, booking one of Habitas’ tent-like lodgings is to commit to a full-on eco experience.
Arriving guests are invited to take pinches of ground copal-tree resin (prized by the Mayans for its spiritual properties) and sprinkle it on glowing embers while mindfully releasing their worries.
Habitas’ 32 roughly-hewn but stylish guest rooms are built on elevated platforms so as to not disrupt the area and surrounding jungle. Each is constructed from indigenous materials including a natural palapa roof. Inside, furniture is handmade from local hardwood and married with raffia lamps, vintage dressers, animal hide stools, mismatched rugs and local textiles. Bathrooms feature private outdoor rain showers and bespoke all-natural toiletries. Sliding glass doors on semi-enclosed terraces open up to vistas of the Caribbean Sea crashing over slate grey rocks.
In the resort’s clubhouse (the only fixed structure onsite), using local ingredients, chef Federico Cappi creates delectable fare such as wood-fired octopus with purple-sweet-potato purée and cheesecake made with goat’s curd and served with guavas and pistachios.
Visit Habitas to vacation sustainably and revitalise your mind, body and soul.